If you are overweight, the answer is YES! These days, weighing yourself in the morning is recommended as part of an important routine for every weight loss program!

Contrary to the belief that weighing too often is boring, confusing, or disappointing (especially if you are trying to lose weight), recent research clearly shows that people who regularly weigh themselves, even as often as every day, have much better weight loss success than those who either never or rarely stick to this routine!

This is best illustrated by a 2015 study, published in the prestigious international magazine J Acad Nutr Diet. The study showed that people on a weight loss program, who weighed themselves daily, weigh 9.2 kilograms (20.28 pounds) less after six months, compared to those who did not regularly weigh themselves and lost an average of 3.1 kilograms (6.83 pounds). The first group also reduced their original body mass by 9.4% which is considered an excellent result, and the second group only by 3.2% which is considered a poor result. It is also important to note that participants in the more successful group consumed extra meals less often, ate healthier, consumed more fruit and vegetables, watched less television, and were significantly more active than those who did not weigh themselves regularly.

We can logically conclude, up to a point, that it is much easier and much more certain to arrive at your goal when you know which direction to go and how much further there is until the end of the road. Numbers on the scale, in this case, clearly indicate the direction and the amount of fuel. It is much easier to see if you moving in the right direction, eating too much food, or not having enough physical activity!

Surely this will make you watch the amount of food you take much more closely. If you weigh yourself the morning after you went out to dinner, you would see that you gained a few pounds. Alternatively, you will decide to eat earlier if the numbers on the scale slowly decrease as you adopt this habit!

Our recommendation is that you eat your final meal of the day at 6 p.m., but with the help of the scale and your morning “toilet”, the time that you weigh yourself every day can be moved to when it is best for you. Of course, if the numbers on the scale allow! It is only important that your daily weigh-in is at the same time every morning, and it is more accurate when you are in your underwear and with a scale that is precise and sure. Newer scales can even read what percentage of fat you lost or how much your body mass index has dropped. Don’t forget, though, that this drops much slower than pounds. These scales are also available in our store!

A nutritionists perspective

It is important to note that there are still nutritionists who do not advise that you regularly weigh yourself. They believe that a person on a diet, who does not see significant or fast enough results, will give up on advice and recommendations, and return to their old habit of having “one less obligation” by not weighing themselves daily.

Those who are most vocal in promoting additional morning “gymnastics” or “using the toilet” recommend “weighing yourself on a scale”  part of your routine just like brushing your teeth.

It goes without saying that you have a problem with your weight and that you want to lose weight!

It’s up to you to check on both!