Did you ever wonder why many sportsmen and businesses switched to teamwork in the earliest known history and are the ardent defenders of the concept to date?

Several studies show that teams perform much better and are more productive in working towards a goal than individual performers. This is because of the several benefits the unity of the individuals can milk from the team effort.

The power of teamwork is well documented and well-experienced in every walk of life. So why ignore this proven approach in the weight loss journey of our lives?

One is Solitary, Two Makes a Team!

The weight loss journey is fickle.

Owing to the lowering of sugar levels, lesser consumption of mood-lifting foods and regular physical exertion is bound to leave you depressed, demotivated, and uninterested along the way. Surrounded by friends, partners, or family members who are supportive of your healthy eating and exercise goals, or are maybe even partnering you in the same journey that you are in, can mean the difference between success and failure, especially for long-term weight-loss.

Advantages of Teamwork for Weight Loss

According to a study that observed the results in a weight loss competition, people likely to be in the same team lost at least 5% of their initial body weight, which is an amount that is thought to be significant in improving health. This shows how the teamwork approach can help lose weight and tone down physical appearance collectively and effectively.

Weight Loss Fact:

In another study, people who reported a higher level of social influence by their teammates increased their odds of significant weight loss by 20%.

So, what are the other key points as to why team weight loss makes your goals more achievable? Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Emotional Upkeep: Weight loss can be emotional, so we support you by providing you with a shoulder to lean on when you are feeling discouraged. A dose of encouragement and motivation can help a lot.
  • Practical Support: Having a supportive person beside you who can watch the kids while you exercise or a companion who will join you on the road to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Professional Help: A team of medical experts can guide you through the journey, advising upon the health choices you need during your weight loss program.
  • Leadership Role: Interestingly, team captains in this study lost more weight than team members. This may be because they were more motivated, felt more responsible, and were fully engaged in the contest. Also, a leader can help team members communicate and motivate each other well whenever needed.
  • Collective Goals and Healthy Competition: Peer influence and the feeling of togetherness helps you to start and restart your weight loss journey every time you feel down. This is because you all have a collective goal and a healthy competition. Positive challenges and competition are necessary to keep you pumped up in following the weight loss journey.
  • Community Feeling: The team weight loss program is a community of people with the same goal. It makes every one of them feel bound to a community that makes them stronger, supported, and cared for.
  • Psychological and Physiological Help! Teamwork helps release the hormone Oxytocin in the human body that is responsible to make you feel warm, loved, and socially bonded. A team weight loss program can similarly fulfill the psychological need of partnering with someone or finding the right company while following a difficult goal.

 Teams In The Digital Era!

In the era of digital technologies, smartphones, laptops, and tablets, when most people spend over five hours per day on their cell phones, or other screens, teamwork, and support groups got a completely new meaning!

Surprisingly, and to the advantage of many overweight individuals stuck at their homes, researchers report that ‘virtual’ weight loss programs work too. Finally, some recognition! This year, we have found that we have to remain at home for a number of  reasons, such as; fear of catching the coronavirus, transportation problems, kids, school runs, household chores, financial burdens, unsuitable gym timings, and other factors;

Digital Media – The Last Resort During and After the Pandemic

Where the recent pandemic restricted the physical activity of everyone globally, gaining weight, and edging on to obesity; following a weight loss program had become a big challenge. However, while being pushed to reside in our homes, the acceptance and practicality of being connected virtually to our workplaces, friends, and family made it all survivable. During these situations, the power of virtual media had been hailed as the last resort by many. And this is what needs to be tapped in our Post-Covid19 lives as well to save time, effort, money, resources, and ourselves from another wave.

Weight Loss Fact:

A study conducted among women following pregnancy, revealed that those who participated in an internet-based weight loss program, in addition to the standard supplemental nutrition program, lost 3.2 kg compared to 0.9 kg lost among those on standard nutrition programs alone for 1 year.

Your Virtual Community

The above fact indicates that there is a great potential in ‘’virtual’’ team-based weight loss programs. The power of digital media can connect you with the people who can uplift you morally, spiritually, physically, and professionally. This makes a team worth joining and a team worth following. All you need is an internet connection and a device to connect to your team at any time of the day!

Find Your Best Virtual Team!

Since the power of virtual teams has been observed, practiced, and proven in various tasks during the lockdown and Covid-19 period, this encouraged us to help bring our specially designed, team-focused online weight loss program to the rescue of those who are unable to go out often, and wish to find the company of like-minded individuals who can help them run, exercise, work hard and uplift themselves emotionally throughout their journey of self-improvement and grooming.

TheBestLifeDeal is your online team weight loss program, topped with professional medical help available along the way. Our experts are well-reputed and specialized in weight loss and medical care and provide a constant stream of guidance while you practice your every day goals and collaborate with your digital partners in your weight loss journey!

Whether you’re a natural team player or not, throw yourself out there and earn weight loss achievements using the power of teamwork to reach your fitness goals!