It is true that teamwork is dream work. People with weight problems work better and accomplish a lot more when they work together, as part of a team! If you rely on today’s healthcare systems to recognize your weight problem, there is a big chance that you will be chopped into tiny body parts and subjected to expensive medical tests or labs, eventually being lost in medical computer networks. Teamwork is a possible solution!

Team-based internet interventions are increasing in popularity as a way of promoting weight loss in large numbers of individuals. Most of us perform better in a group or working as a team, as there is peer pressure, group expectations, competition. When someone is not doing very well, he tends to get pulled along. A recent study by Leahey T et al. published in 2013. in the Obesity journal, showed that harnessing and maximizing teammate influence for weight loss may enhance weight outcomes in large-scale team-based programs. The researchers suggest that people who lose 5% of their initial body weight tend to be on the same team. Furthermore, significant weight loss was seen in people who said that teammates influenced their weight loss. Psychiatrists also confirm that people around us always affect our health behaviors; Team members who are doing well will often motivate others to be consistent on the course!
Nevertheless, although the teamwork is excellent, people who are overweight or obese, appear to be not too fond of working in groups.
The reasons for this are various, but the most important is that people with a weight problem have a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of energy and enthusiasm to change something in their routine.
They often feel lonely with no support from family and friends, which leads to dangerous behaviors such as sitting for long hours, binge eating, etc. If you are currently struggling with weight gain, you will most likely recognize yourself in these descriptions, probably thinking this sucks. Alternatively, you may think “I don’t even have enough energy for myself! How can I find it for others!”

Online weight loss programs are a good solution for those who would like to break the ice and search for help within a group. I came across only a few of them and actively supported this one!

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