“We are what we think; the thought is everything and we become what we think.” Buddha

We are sure that we should not tell you how important it is to be positive and optimistic. For decades, you have heard that positivism improves relationships, academic potential, and even how important it is for a further career.

In the past few years, research has shown that negative emotions are directly related to a variety of physical conditions, such as hypertension, weight excess, damaged immune system, cardiovascular disease or dermatological problems that your skin shows that something is happening inside you. That’s why you need to start working on positivism today. But even on good days, when you are in the mood, you may come across a person who decided to destroy your mood with complaints, whining, criticizing and other negative things. Do you know someone like that?

The brain does not like the negative impact

The good (and bad) thing is that your brain is naturally sensitive to negativity. Good – because if the source of this negativity damages you, your brain is ready to signal your body to start defending itself. Bad – because your amygdala does not distinguish a real threat and a boring neighbor whose specialty is annoying you. Even if negativity does not endanger your physical survival, your brain will continue to give a good amount of attention to a negative source – and your nice mood has been killed.

The study showed that the relationship between bad mood and obesity was even more pronounced in people taking antidepressants. More specifically, about 55 percent of patients taking these medications were obese, and this phenomenon was more pronounced in women than in men. Early studies have shown that your mood is associated with a higher probability of obesity, but no causal relationship has been established.

Our metabolism is a cocktail of different hormones. When all the hormones are balanced, everything works properly in the body. Digestion and sugar regulation function as it is optimal for health. But bad mood causes an imbalance in hormones and a slowing down of metabolism. Adrenaline and cortisol overwhelm the body during periods of stress and slow down its ability to burn calories. Hormones are also responsible for hunger signals. Greene’s hormone is responsible for the sense of hunger, and the leptin hormone is responsible for the feeling of satiety. When you are stressed, the body decreases the level of leptin and increases the level of heat. That’s why you eat more and you do not feel quilted. The result is that you put a lot more calories into your body than you need, which is why you are getting bigger.

Negative people are like energy drainers and stress boosters: stealing will put harmful seeds in fields suitable for happiness and success. Negative thoughts are far more powerful and more contagious, so there are more positive ones in the reservoirs. Every time you obsessed with thoughts stealing your will, the power to get out of bed, concentration, think for a moment why you really think about how much the real value of these thoughts is and will it help you? In most cases – the answer is clear – I spend time on these crazy thoughts that do not serve anything.

Pratiksha Jangid