The vast majority of overweight or very overweight people aren’t aware of the health dangers of weight gain or they simply avoid the fact that weight excess isn’t a good thing for their body and their health. This is pretty logical if we realize that they are thinking in a different way. They are acting in an environment vividly portrayed as the “obesity labyrinth.” In such surroundings, it is very hard to have real insight into the problem’s source, much less how to correct it.

The phenomenon of the “obesity labyrinth,” as well as the acceptance that the reality of obesity is a virtual world, is very complex. It is rare to find an overweight person who realizes this. Though in most cases all labyrinths are uniform, the “obesity labyrinth” is so dangerous, deceitful and manipulative, making you feel that you feel comfortable and sheltered, usually not aware of that you are trapped in it.

If you are not aware of a problem, how on earth will you know how to change anything?


Besides, in the “obesity labyrinth,” you can find plenty of tasty and delicious food, places to relax and indulge yourself so you don’t feel you are in the middle of nowhere. You don’t desire to change anything or to find other, more cozy and pleasant places to be. In such an atmosphere, everything is just about the food and you are on the lookout for the next opportunity to indulge yourself.

Only a few people identify this deceitful situation and try to find a way out. Only in very rare cases does a person succeed to escape from this labyrinth.

However, if you know that everything is easier when you work together, escape from the “obesity labyrinth” is possible.

We would like to help you find the shortest path to the exit from the labyrinth. We are offering you the opportunity to be part of a newly formed group of people eager to find a way out by searching for a meaningful and realistic life.


TBLD team

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