Walking is an important exercise to control your body weight. However, we often find it difficult to motivate individuals with excess weight to simple exercises. Sometimes, they have the misconception that they need to work hard to lose weight. But there are easy ways to start having a minimum exercise schedule and lose weight. You can encourage them with simple tricks where they will be surprised to learn that they have actually conducted some exercise. If you struggle with weight, simple steps to increase walking can make a lot of difference and here are some effective means to motivate you.

Walking your dog

Walking a dog may be a good and simple means of exercise. However, many individuals have never walked them. Dogs always love to go for a walk irrespective of the weather and the time of the day. Walking the dog may be beneficial for both the dog and the human. Current research revealed that individuals who walk a dog often are much more likely to meet the usual exercise recommendation of approximately 150 minutes of physical activity per week compared to the one who does not. Dogs that are well-exercised moreover have the tendency to be better behaved and leaner than the inactive ones. However, according to other studies almost 40% of dog owners usually never indulge themselves in walking their dogs. The study also discovered that on an average one dog-walking session means completing 4500 steps equal to around 2.25 miles of walking. Therefore, dog-walking has great potential to motivate people in more physical activities.

Buddy Walks

Buddy walking is another good way to motivate people to exercise. Buddy walking means finding people with the same weight problem and schedule a common time to walk together. The bigger the team is better. Often it becomes difficult to motivate yourself to exercise when you are alone. But doing the same thing in groups is different. The performance of one person motivates the other and vice versa. This plays a healthy competition of losing weight, circulation of a positive vibe and sharing of good knowledge on weight loss strategies.
Use of staircases instead of elevators
Simple use of a staircase instead of lifts can burn a considerable amount of calorie even more than dedicated jogging and walk. Losing weight is combined with the production of happy hormones, thus enhancing your moods. Use of stairs is a good form of cardio workout. The movement against gravity while climbing stair is an effective activity to strengthen the muscles and joints of your legs. Eventually, climbing stairs will help you lose weight and maintain a good energy level.


You can also use water as a weight training instrument as it provides resistance. This helps you burn more calories in a short time than normal walking. The pool walking is also good for the elderly suffering from ankle and joint problems as walking in water absorb a lot of shocks (you can float and walk as well) and slow walking is enough to burn the required calorie. This is a fun activity as well compared to plain walking. It strengthens your tummy muscles as well.
Indulge yourself in moderate exercise and stay healthy. Start by any form of walking. You will be happy with the outcome.

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